Lovin' the Small Things -


Our little girl is growing up right before our eyes...She waved bye bye for the first time this week and as her preschool teachers say she is "busy as a bee."  We have struggled the past month with ear infections but we are slowly getting better and making the best of each day...It's the small things in life that make a day so special and we are so thankful for these things in life that God has blessed us with :)

Lovin' the Outdoors

As we prepare to move, we are thankful for the memories and the time we have had on Oak Ave. 

Lovin' Sports

Taking after her father and mother already! Her favorite toy is her blue ball.  We are training her already :)
We love to watch soccer with daddy, especially early Saturday mornings!  Come on you Blues!

Lovin' Playing with the Blinds

As we change her diapers, she distracts herself with the entertaining blinds.

Lovin' her Cousins

We LOVE spending time with our cousins!! Here we are smiling with Jim and Marianna!

Lovin' Eating "Big Girl Food"

Favorite time of the day!! Meal Time!! We love our deli meat!! 

Lovin' Bath Time!

 We didn't love to take baths at first but we are starting to enjoy them!!

Lovin' Reading

Our favorite book to read before going night night

Lovin' Night-Night Time

Her favorite stuffed animal "raffey" the giraffe.  Can't go night-night without raffey!
Sara Pyles
5/24/2010 00:27:14

She is a beautiful little lady now! I can't believe how much she has grown. The bath pictures are awesome! What a sweet, precious baby girl!


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