Can't believe we have a three year old...Time had gone by so fast and I am just trying to enjoy these moments right now...Andie had a great birthday...She has been wanting a play kitchen so that was her gift and it has been a hit! The BIG thing that has happened since she turned three is giving up her paci.  She knew it was coming when she turned three and we have had 2 successful nights without it :)  We had a few friends and friends come swim with us on her birthday.  It was a wonderful day!
Our Chef Andie
Mermaid and Lobster Party
Loved feeding  apples to the horses at the Farm!
Daddy's Turkey!
Sweet Friends at the Farm
This is pretty much what we live in....

Father's Day and Mother's Day

Dora Live

Boots the Monkey
Morning outing to Krispy Kreme with our cousin B!
This picture below sums up swim lessons this year. Unlike last year, this year we LOVED swim lessons and loved Mrs. Julie. Last year Andie would scream everytime we turned on her street and now she is calling Mrs. Julie her best friend :) 
Andie, Eliza and Kate Lampton
Mothers Day Tea at Wynnton Preschool
Singing skinamarinky dinky dink at Mothers Day Tea
We were sick the last day of school but we were still smiling and still went up to the preschool to tell our teacher thank you for a great year. 
This past week I had the chance to get away and go to the beach with my mom and my sister and we had a great time! (despite the terrible two's coming out a few times:) Here are a few pictures from the week!
Andie's first dance recital...what can I say...I was a nervous wreck...A little background- The week before they had a rehearsal for the Old Timers (an 'old-folks' home) and she came out for ballet and totally lost it. She wanted her Mom and nothing was going to help her but mom.  So the morning of I got up extra early and fixed her breakfast with lots of protein (thinking that would help :) only to find out that she didn't want to put on her outfit or go to school. The one day she didn't want to put on her outfit!  She didn't want to put her hair up and especially didn't want to put on the silly hat. Somehow I got her out the door half dressed. We got to school and she ran in her class and saw all her friends dressed up and she immediatialy changed her attitude. All of the sudden she wanted the hat, wanted her hair up and wanted those tights. All this to say she did a great job and it was so much fun to watch her up on stage- she was so proud of herself and had told her teacher that "she was going to do good".  All that stress made me wonder if this mom was cut out for all this.  Maybe that's why mom was a tom-boy growing up wearing Braves t-shirts every day :) 
Sweet Friends before the recital
Daddy surprised her with flowers after the show
And sweet cousin Broughton came to watch! It was a great day!
We had a great Easter Season this year, especially with Andie being at the age where she understands what the meaning of Easter is. We had a time of remembering what Christ did for us on the cross and we praised him all week for his resurrection and the many blessings he has given us. 
We sang one of my favorite hymns at church on Easter Sunday- Crown him with many crowns. "Crown him the Lord of love behold his hands and side,those wounds, yet visible above, in beauty glorified. All hail, Redeemer, hail! For thou hast died for me; thy praise and glory shall not fail throughout eternity." This song is a wonderful picture of what Christ did for us.  

Easter Egg hunt at school...
Had a wonderful Easter weekend with dear friends at the lake-dying eggs and boat rides
Easter morning- loved everything, especially her new minny mouse costume- Battled with her all morning because she wanted to wear it to Church. Thankfully we managed to get her into her Easter Dress. 
Excited about the hunt but was much more interested in eating the candy inside the eggs :)
A very small Easter bunny (aka mat fluker) made a surprise visit. The kids loved him
All the grandchildren. Such a special time to have the whole family together 
We had a great and quick trip to Honey and Happy's house in Mississippi.  Andie was counting down the days to get to see Honey and go to Happy's barn. It was a wonderful time with family. We wish we could see them more!
Loving being in our boots and getting to play at Happy's barn.