Mothers Day Tea at Wynnton Preschool
Singing skinamarinky dinky dink at Mothers Day Tea
We were sick the last day of school but we were still smiling and still went up to the preschool to tell our teacher thank you for a great year. 
This past week I had the chance to get away and go to the beach with my mom and my sister and we had a great time! (despite the terrible two's coming out a few times:) Here are a few pictures from the week!
Andie's first dance recital...what can I say...I was a nervous wreck...A little background- The week before they had a rehearsal for the Old Timers (an 'old-folks' home) and she came out for ballet and totally lost it. She wanted her Mom and nothing was going to help her but mom.  So the morning of I got up extra early and fixed her breakfast with lots of protein (thinking that would help :) only to find out that she didn't want to put on her outfit or go to school. The one day she didn't want to put on her outfit!  She didn't want to put her hair up and especially didn't want to put on the silly hat. Somehow I got her out the door half dressed. We got to school and she ran in her class and saw all her friends dressed up and she immediatialy changed her attitude. All of the sudden she wanted the hat, wanted her hair up and wanted those tights. All this to say she did a great job and it was so much fun to watch her up on stage- she was so proud of herself and had told her teacher that "she was going to do good".  All that stress made me wonder if this mom was cut out for all this.  Maybe that's why mom was a tom-boy growing up wearing Braves t-shirts every day :) 
Sweet Friends before the recital
Daddy surprised her with flowers after the show
And sweet cousin Broughton came to watch! It was a great day!